Monday, January 11, 2010

This project is really exciting. I'm working on January's piece and it's alot of work but it brings great joy with each stitch. One of the greatest things for me is to be given the oportunity to do something creative each day of my life.

I've always believed in doing what I love now and not later because it makes my life more meaningful. Yes I'm doing it while I've the energy. This project is just another medium to facilitate my creativity.

So if I don't blog everyday, it's because I'm creating - I'm in my element.


The Beaded Life said...
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Trinisunshine said...

Hi can I call you Beaded Life for short? Oh yeah I can filled with gratitude - it's in my nature. here's my blog address I haven't posted anything on it really yet. It's a work in a very slow progress.

Whytefeather said...

Good advice, do what you lover now and not later. I need to practice more of that!

Looking forward to seeing what you create. Have fun!

The Beaded Life said...

Your inspired spirit is shining! Thank you! I sense that you are really in the moment with your creativity. Hmmm, I guess being creative really challenges us to be right there with our selves and feelings. I hear lot's of gratitude in your words. I am excited to see some of your work. Do you have a blog?