Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first 3 pages are up on my blog  They are filled with so much love and so many memories of my beloved Tommy.  Each one just seems to demand to be made immediately.  I hope ya'll enjoy them.


Whytefeather said...

Wow, you are just flying along. I love that you are writing the background stories with your pieces, remembering the good times etc.
Hugs to you, Mary. Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you peace in your heart.

Miri Agassi said...

It is only the beginning, but it is beautiful already. I love the combination of colors.!!
Miri A.

Trinisunshine said...

My heart goes out to you Mary, I read some of your postings. I hope that this project brings you peace, joy, comfort and healing in time to come. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.