Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in Progress

I had a "detour" and had to leave town for a week and a half, so my January piece is still in the process. I have worked a lot since I got home and made some strides, I put a progress photo up on my blog today. I hope to get it caught up and I'm thinking about February. I'll probably work on them both simultaneously.

I thought I would ask if anyone uses products or lighting or techniques that help with vision. I've had some vision problems and I purchased an Ott light with a magnifier on it this weekend. I think it is great, there is even more concentrated light in the area where I bead, and I can use the magnifier to look at detail and it make threading these tiny needles so much easier. I'll be curious to hear of any ideas for handling less than perfect vision.



sydsider said...

I love your pieces. They have a collage feel that I would like to try myself. I look forward to your next piece,

Miri Agassi said...

It is an amazing piece. So interesting. waooo.

Robin said...

I'll comment on your piece on your blog... Regarding vision... I also use an Ott Lite with a magnifier. In addition, many years ago an opthamologist suggested that he add a little extra magnification to my glasses (now blended tri-focals) for the distance when I do my beading, which is about 15 inches from my eyes. It made all the difference in the world. So ever since then, when I get my prescription changed, I always ask for extra magnification at 15." Helps with reading too!

Robin A.