Friday, January 15, 2010

BJP Wednesdays

Hi Everyone,
I settled on a 2x6" piece that I will fold in half. Choosing the smaller size allows me to display them in a mixed media wall mosaic at the end of the year. I've chosen Wednesdays as my BJP posting day on my blog. My January piece is halfway done and includes some polymer clay and resin gloss encasing some sequins--check its progress each Wednesday. I try to post some of my art each day, but Wednesdays are now BJP day! I'm really having fun and love reading everyone's blogs. --Just bead, bead, beadin along--Marlene Brady (Its All About Creating)


Robin said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious, Marlene!!! I like the idea of posting BJP on a certain day of the week.... I shall come visit!

Robin A.

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful! I love the "sculptures", and I'm looking forward to your BJPs and seeing what you are doing with clay since I've just started experimenting with that. Please post a reminder to all of us here when you post your blog on Wednesdays.

flyingbeader said...

LUV those canes!