Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The beads seem to know!! Double Infinity

As mentioned previously, I have already started work on February. Gotta work when the muse call, right? Anyway, an issue I have faced in the past is how to incorporate the 'journal' aspect of this project. Last year I spent a lot of time and thought before i started beading and i'm sure than when i'm 100 year old i will still know which piece corresponds to which month :) This year, I am doing encrusted buttons and have been trying to bead improvisationally - as Robin so teaches. Well, I am nearly 80% done when I rotated my Febraury piece in my hand and - wholla - it looked just like a heart!!! Somehow - the beads knew that February and hearts go together and they directed my stitching to produce one! Just had to let everyone know - it was such an ah-ha moment for me!


Dees said...

What a lovely way to discover Truth in your work! I guess just improvising is way better / more fun then thinking everything over. I know that I am enjoying every step so far and love the AHA-moments when they show themselves. I will be delighted to see your page some day.

Robin said...

Happens all the time for me! Yay that you had this discovery!

Robin A.