Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am so sorry...I managed to break what few rules there are. I thought I was posting a picture to my blog, which apparently I'm not supposed to do until later. If I had read all the instructions, (which rarely happens when instructions are written out - I'm a picture) this wouldn't have happened. I guess we've now identified the trouble maker in the crowd. My apologies. Beth


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

beth, i'm not sure i understand what rule you were breaking. did you post a pic to the bjp blog? rule 3 says not to post to the bjp blog until april 1, but that you can post pics and put links to your personal blog at any time. i hope you keep us updated with pics on your own blog! i'd like to see!

Lois2037 said...

Maybe it's against the rules, but it is really nice work and I was happy to see it.

Robin said...

No problem, Beth... it happens every year. Your enthusiam is wonderful!

As Lisa said, you may post to your own personal blog any time you wish. It's just the group blog where we ask you not to post pictures until after April 1st. That's because some folks don't want to see other's work until they have their own style set for the year.

If you want to read the "rules," they're here.

Love your button!!!
Robin A.

Jennifer Baker said...

I think I can forgive you...cause it is a pretty button!!! Great job!!