Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January's beading is finished!!!

I finished January beading almost three weeks ago and started February's around the same time. I haven't done a thing for almost two weeks because other duties keep calling my name.

I've some sewing I want to get out of the way then I'll resume. Got to get cracking though because I still have the Toronto Bead Society's project to do that's due in March. But it's all about creativity and creating so I'm having a great time.

So BJP gang I haven't been blogging but I read your blogs sometimes and enjoy what I read and see. Keep creating and have fun.


Robin said...

Congratulations on finishing January's piece, plus getting a head start on February! Excellent!

Robin A.

Its All About Creating said...

Congrats on finishing January and starting February. Wish I could see. - Marlene

Anonymous said...

I would love to see it too, but will be patient and wait until April when you can post it here. :) Great job getting done so early and started on next month already!