Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Wirth Beading" Checking In!

Hi there!
I am Debi and live in Sun City West, AZ.
This is my first year with the BJP, and I'm a
bit nervous/excited.  I guess it's the unknown
that's got me.  Anyway, I have been beading for almost
10 years.  Beading on fabric has grabbed my curiosity
for some time now, yet I hadn't any real push to try it
until I came across Robin Atkins' site and read about the Project!
There are no coincidences, so here I go!

I look forward to reading about all of you and hope to
become bead buddies with some if possible.

Until next time...
Debi W.

My blog address isn't coming up correctly
when I click my name on the list of BJP artists...
Here it is again:


Brenda said...

Hi Debi
Welcome to the BJP!
I fixed your link, thanks for letting us know.

bbdyevr said...

Thanks for fixing my address!

Happy Journaling!