Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 BJP Member Pic

I made up this BJP member pic for 2010 and thought I'd put it up in case anyone else would like to use it. I did it on Photoshop without really knowing what I was doing, but I think it turned out okay...

Also, I noticed that the sidebar link to my blog (Lois Buhalis) leads to... nowhere. That probably isn't right, but it does preserve my air of mystery. Is it possible for it to be changed to read Lois2037 instead? If not, that's okay. I don't want to make extra work for our heroic Web Site General.


Sharkeysday said...

Oh FABULOUS! I love it! I was even tempted to make my own! ha ha! Thanks for this!

Sara said...

Thanks! I've already added it to my blog.

The Beaded Life said...

how do i put this on my blog?
[scratching head] thx, lisa

Lois2037 said...

To put this on your blog, first click and drag the image onto your desktop. Then go to your blog and click the "customize" button on the top. then click "Add a Gadget", which will take you to a menu of gadgets. Scroll down until you get to the one that says "Picture", click on that and you will see an upload form to upload the image from your desktop. Once you upload the image, it will appear on your blog.

Brenda said...

Hi Lois

I have changed your name on the side bar.
If you want your blog listed I can do that also. I will need the full web address. Can you send it to
webdesign at beadjournalproject dot com.

bbdyevr said...

Oh Lois!
Thank you so much!
I have added this to my Blog
after reading your directions
(very helpful!)
Looks so great!
Thanks again & Happy New Year!

Dees said...

Thanks for taking the time and then sharing with all of us!

Robin said...

My angel helpers and I have talked about doing this, but hadn't gotten around to it yet... Your design is lovely, so we'll just adopt it as official! Thanks so much! And, Lois, I am soooooooooo pleased you're back again this year... I always love to see your pieces!

Robin A.