Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks for having me.

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to BJP and very happy to be here. I have only done one free form bead embroidery in my beading life so this will be an interesting journey for me. I joined based on two phrases; the words "it just has to have some beads on it" and "expressing feelings". Not a direct quote, but what I got from it (or wanted to get from it). Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to this BJP year! -Marlene Brady of It's All About Creating


Double Infinity said...

Non need to worry! I just looked at your piece on your blog and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Nothing says the piece has to be totally encrusted - only a few beads is fine as long as your get the message you want across. I'll be looking forward to seeing your works:)

freebird said...

That's the main idea! You've got it. Glad you joined in.