Monday, December 28, 2009

Ideas for backing?

I have a question. I see most people gravitate towards embroidering beads rather than weaving or looming or ?. I plan on embroidering as well and will most likely do a 4x6 or 6x6. What is the best substrate to use? I couldn't find any Lacy's Stiff Stuff so I got that stiff felt type stuff. I also bought a 28 count cross stitch fabric and a hoop. Any suggestions or advice?



Beth Handley said...

Hi lisa, I have used felt and other fabrics, and find it all works great if I use a paper backing, such as the weight of typing or printer paper.

If you do want Lacy's Stiff Stuff I have found it at Fire Mountain Gems.

I have not beaded on cross stitch fabric but I think it could be awesome as well.


Penny said...

Hi Beth -- A lot of people us paper backing. I prefer to use interfacing (like Pellon). I use Misty Fuse to fuse fabric to the face of the interfacing and bead on top of that. Some people use interfacing but they paint it before stitching. If, when you're done you find you want it to be stiffer you can always add another piece of interfacing on the back by stitching through your beading (so no thread shows) and tacking it all together.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i use paper interleaving that i buy from robin a. i was told not to use a hoop because it stretches the material and when you take it off it will pucker up the beads. hope my 2cents helps.

Beth Handley said...

This is great, I have a lot of pellon and similar products, I will expiriment, thanks Penny! I do like to use the underlying fabric as an element in the work, more dimension and plus I just have a love for fabric.

Good heads up about using a hoop - I never have but now I won't be tempted to try it!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Last year I used Peltex as my substrate. It's thicker than Lacey's Stiff Stuff, but actually needles quite well. The bonus is that they have some that's fusible on one side, fusible on both sides or not fusible at all.

Deborah C. Stearns said...

I've used Timtex (similar to Peltex, but thicker) and I really like it. I usually cover it with fabric, do my bead embroidery, and then put a fabric backing on the back to cover my stitches. I find that it needles well, doesn't warp, stretch, or distort, and supports even heavy beadwork. I've used this for jewelry and for costuming, as well. I used two layers of Timtex in making my bellydance belt, which was heavily beaded. For the matching bra, I found Timtex too thick, so I used interfaced denim, two layers of buckram, and fusible fleece.