Monday, December 28, 2009

Double Infinity - a decision has been made!

I can relate to all the entries where people are trying to decide what method to their madness they intend to follow this year!

Last year i did 4x4 squares and can remember not knowing how to back them or do the picot stitch to edge them! But by time the year was halfway through I was really looking forward to the finishing of my squares. The edging really acts to bring the piece to completion for me.

For this year, i have been back and forth trying to decide what shape. At first i was going to cover 1 1/2 inch buttons i have in my stash (!), but felt their size wouldn't allow 'journaling' to be expressed. I'll save them for when i want to do some pretty beading only:) Then i moved onto 4" circles, but that seemed a bit too large, and the 'what to do with them when they're done' phobia crept in. (My panels from last year are on my wall and i just love looking at them, but i have no more wall space left and i just redid my craft room...oh how the mind rambles sometimes!) Then i though a half circle would be great since i really don't feel whole (and hence the need to journal.) The idea of being able to create fringe on the curve gave this idea a big 'wow factor', but then the whole idea of orientation - can i have the flat side on top one month, but on the side the next - brought it to an end. Next, the idea of jar lids where i could put little notes in the jars seemed a possibility which then morphed into little 'mushroom caps' which would allow for some cool fringe work (which i have no idea how to do!!)

So...i have decide to use size 100 (2 1/2") half-dome button covers. I really don't know where they will end up, but i kindof see a little garden sprouting?? But we will have to wait and see! Perhaps they'll have fringe, but maybe not. Perhaps i'll make 12 smiley faces. Have I ever used a button cover - nope. I'm used to beading on stiff stuff but think i might need to move on to interleaving paper so i can get the proper curve.

Can't wait until the kiddos go back to school so i can revisit by bead stash and get started...


Beth Handley said...

I enjoy how you have shared your process! I make pins from #60 covered buttons so I had purchased some #100 for the Journal Project as I'm not sure if I want to use them as originally planned or go to something else. I guess I'll know when I pick up my needle.

Michelle Mach said...

I love the idea of beaded buttons--can't wait to see what yours look like!

Beth Handley said...

There are a few if them on my newly-hatched blog at

I use the button forms to make brooches.