Thursday, May 13, 2010

Questions about framing/mounting?

I've been scarce but I'm still in the game! After a couple of interruptions I will soon have more to post on my blog.

Today I want to ask you all if you can share your thoughts on displaying flat beaded pieces. My "Wizard of Bras" piece was sewn to fabric and then the fabric was wrapped around an art canvas. I am not totally happy with the presntation adn want to take it apart and re-mount it. My January piece and the February piece (which will be revealed SOON) are also flat pieces, and I would like to arrive at a consistent presentation size and frame them somehow. I learned about sewing the workls onto foamcore then framing that. I guess my big questinon is: Glass or no glass? I can see the point of protecting with glass, but it seems to me that the texture and colors would be best seen without a glass layer. I really want to reach the point where I am entering my beaded works for shows and even having my own show. I am so interested in your thoughts and am grateful to hear your ideas.



Robin said...

Ah, the age-old question... glass or no glass.

In my first few years of beading, I spent a lot of time traveling and poking around in museums looking at old beadwork. A lot of it was so filthy... as bead-crazed as I was, I didn't want to touch it. Yeck...

I guess because of that, I usually (but not always) opt for glass. I get the highest quality, musuem glass, as there is less reflection and distortion. The non-reflective glass is no good as it obscures the detail and makes the work look fuzzy. I mount spacers between the glass and the beadwork, so that it isn't smished under the glass.

If a piece is not one that I'd like to see in on a wall 50 years or more from now, then sometimes I don't use glass. It's true that the beads are more alive and beautiful that way. But the dust does creep in alarmingly fast.....

Good luck making your decision, Beth!

Robin A.

Whytefeather said...

I haven't entered any for shows, but I have found I like beading my flat work on to a stiff backing... like pellon/peltex so I can easily mount the bead embroidery to a matte board before putting in to a shadow box or frame with glass.
The wind here is so constant it's very hard to keep any thing dust free, so for me I much prefer to put any beaded project under glass to protect it.

Beth Handley said...

Thanks, it does help to have this great feedback!