Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My January to April pages

I have completed my January to April pages - April was completed on the 29th!!!

I will start with my January page:

The title is: Pourquoi toi, pourquoi moi, pourquoi nous...
(in English: Why you, why me, why us...)

This one is very personal. The right portion is from Edward Munch painting called "The scream". Everything else is of my own creation(on the left, it is me..). It is actually about one of my son and myself. We were both born in January. Unfortunately, he has to live with paranoïd schizophrenia and I try to be an ally to him. So, this is us.

Now, February:

The title is: I'm a frog, you're a frog, kiss me!

Of course, February is about love... The story behind the title is: In Canada, we have two official languages: English and French. French speaking people are mostly concentrated in the Quebec province. I will not go in historical details, but lets say that there has been a long history of tension between Quebec and the rest of Canada. So, the English people call us, the french-canadians, "frogs". A Quebec artist called "Robert Charlebois" wrote a song called "I'm a frog, you're a frog, kiss me". I think frogs are cool and when I saw this picture, I thought of this song and how much me and my husband love each other.

I will stop here for this post. My next post will present my March and April pages.


Anne-Marie B., Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada


JoTee said...

Very nicely done, I also like the way you wrote them both up.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I love your depiction of Munch's painting, and to juxtapose it with your beaded self-portrait with the heart in the middle is perfect for your thoughts.
And the frogs are so cute. Not sure that's the word you intended, but they are. :)

Robin said...

Oh, Anne-Marie B... I am so very smitten by your work, especially the piece about your son and you. I have a long-time, best friend who also has this difficult disease. It's so sad and sometimes so hard to be close to her. I can not imagine what it would be like for a mother and her son. I see a little of it here. You are brave to show this in your very first BJP piece. No wonder you needed a happier subject for your March piece. Both are fabulous!

Robin A.