Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May is done - Double Infinity

Okay. With 2 weeks left of school i realized yesterday i had better get started on MAy. I did, and today i finished it :) I knew there was a reason i wanted to do something smaller this year! BUt the whole intuitive encrusting process is so much easier than it looks. The beads really do tell you what to do! The "Third Eye" hand with rhinestone was my starting point. I bought it a few months ago - regular price - ugh! - at Michaels and it had been in my car ever since. When i decided the time was right to use it, i brought it inside and went through my bead stash. Used another string of 'bead soup' - this time in shades of pink. The large round bead had been setting out since my Febraury button (!) and it was just screaming to be added. I think i moved the hand 3 times and had a large silver charm, but didn't like the spacing so i took it off and added the small Joy and Peace. IT looks like a solar system of hope to me. Don't forget to visit the FLICKR page and see all the posted BJP's. Simply click on one to take you to that artist's page. Enjoy!

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Same with this post Robin, we need a link. Hope I'm not missing something here.