Thursday, May 6, 2010

My March and April pages

Hello! Me again.

As promised, here are my March and April pages


Title:" you are only coming through in waves"

From the lyrics of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" song

I decided to illustrate this part of the song with sin waves. They start like a murmur, and as they become louder, they become distinct from each other, each occupying its own space, therefore having a different sound and intensity.

My April page:

Title: Dehors, il pleut (Outside, it's raining)

First, I bought the focal rectangle bead. I really liked the transparency in it. It made me think of how we see things when we look outside through a wet window. I sewed together 3 different stripes of cotton and I covered the areas around the rectangle bead with transparent beads: size 10 beads over the white part, buggles over the yellow part and size 6 beads over the blue part. I used blue nymo thread for the blue area and white nymo thread for the white area. I could not find nymo thread that matched the yellow fabric, so I used twisted bead cord no.2 and if you look closely, you can see the twist in the buggles.

Now I have to decide on my May page: Is there such a thing as "beader's block"? Suggestions to overcome this block?

Thanks for suggestions :-)

Anne-Marie B., Val-des-Monts


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful in their precise simplicity. I love the flow of the waves.

Robin said...

Two more really beautiful pieces, Anne-Marie B.!!! I especially love the way you did the sin waves... inspired by Pink Floyd's song. It's perfect. And the rain and the way it is to look through the glass... Yup! You have the knack for visual journaling with beads! Next month? Well, turn on the radio and listen for a lyric that seems compelling to you and get to work! You could bead the phonebook and it would work...

Robin A.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

The graphic simplicity of your pieces is truly lovely. My favorite is the Pink Floyd one. I love the way you've twined the bugles together.

Magpie Sue said...

There's something riveting about your April piece (the blue and white and yellow one). So simple but so compelling! The title makes it perfect.

Margaret Sutherland said...

Your March piece speaks to my soul! I absolutely love it. It is true that beading is an art form, and this is the proof. The movement you achieved in a small space is truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. As for beader's block, just remember to play!