Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi everyone

It seems so long since I last blogged. There's alot going on that's taking up so much of my time. We're in the process of moving and it seems like forever. Yes I'm moving my beads and art supplies last.

I'm finished with the Toronto Bead Society's Bag of Beads piece and forgive me Robin but I think I want to alter the original size of my pieces. As my creativity continues to overflow, I may go back to the original size. This project has really opened my eyes to new and exciting ways to use my beads so it's really Rae's Beady Arts. Projects that are " From the heart, by the hands and just for you." Very soon I'll post my pieces on my blog. So in the meantime have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Robin said...

No problem at all that you're making a change... It's a blessing to be so in touch with your desires that you recognize the need to make a change. Yay you!

Robin A.