Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Double Infinity - February's been done - see it now!

Considering I started the piece in January, I finished it some time ago, but just haven't gotten around to posting it. I am really pleased with the piece - my starting points were the small pink shells and the crystal slider. I also added a small butterfly charm so perhaps i will continue this each month. The pieces really seem to come to life when i put them on the button form (which was a LOT easier this month!). I haven't made much progress on my blog, so to view the piece, please visit the FLICRK site using the link on the left on the page.

I'm really glad I choose a smaller surface this year, as i have been going through my moms books and patterns and have been trying some basic beadweaving. Lots of stuffy noses this time of year - i can't wait until the garden starts to bloom. Ideas for MArch haven't happened yet - at least not in terms of my BJP, but i'll try and get the fabric out today.

AS always, love all the creativity this site overflows with :)


Carol Creech said...

Hi - looking forward to seeing it! But I can't find your name in your post, so I'm not sure where to look for the Flickr link...did I miss it?


Robin said...

I'm glad your BJP decisions have worked well for you this year! Thanks for posting your piece on Flickr... It's totally lovely!

Robin A.