Thursday, April 1, 2010

Double Infinity - Here's March's button

Okay - i just typed this and hit some errant key and lost it in cyberspace - UGH!

Basically, i had said that this has been done for a few weeks, but that my time to post has been limited - and even further limited now by my computer mistakes~~~

Anyway, here is my 3rd button (size 100, about 2 1/2") for this year, by far my FAVORITE!!! I just love how calming the colors are and how the border seemed to evolve into a flower.

The starting point was the silver charm that says 'LAUGH' in it. It also has a blue topaz which is my youngests birthstone, so this one is for her. Boy deos she love to laugh so it's quite fitting.

Since i actually glued down the charm(yep - it just would not lay right with the curve) i thought i should add another charm since that is my 'thing' this year :)
I didn't want it to compete, so i choose a tiny silver oval that says "Made By Me".

Hope you enjoy viewing it. No blog, so you must go to the BJP FLICKR page which is linked on the left of this page or try this:


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

it's really pretty! i just love the blues. they're my fav.

Robin said...

I left a comment on your Flickr photo... Great button, love the colors and the way the laugh is gentle!

Robin A.