Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Infinity - Aprils up - and then there were 4!

For those of you who haven't looked at the BJP FLICKR page where i post my pieces, here are the first 3 buttons from this year. SOrry it's so big (that's my wheatgrass wallpaper!) but i couldn't figure out how to cut off the background.

My 4th size 100 button for April was so much fun to make! My youngest (age 8) suggested I used 'red'. So i started looking through my beads and found a long string of red/orange/yellow strung bead soup i bought awhile back. (yep - i'm a collector!) It looked good, so i started looking for focal points. I found a delightful glass demi-button in yellow with a red circle/pizza slice lines on it. The i found some more loarger beads. Uummm....perhaps i can use those too i thought!

My 'journal' entry was a silver beads saying "do what you love". It has some brass hearts attached, but i took them off and put them aside for later...

The glass demi-button started out in the center, but i didn't like my 'slice' of seeds so i moved it, and went on. It was so much fun to do! The button was moved another time - just slightly to the right, but now it's just right!

I've been putting hanging charms on my pieces, but there are fringe dangles on this one instead.

Hope you like it - Oops - you gotta go the the FLICRK page (link is on the left on this blog).

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Robin said...

I love your buttons, and this recent one sends me into wonderland because of the colors, message and the mini-button!!!!! They make me want to go make beaded buttons... right NOW!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures on Flickr!

Robin A.