Friday, January 21, 2011

Photographing Bead Work

Hi I'm frustrated at the quality of my photos and scans in my blog.  I feel that my digital camera is not doing my work justice.  Scanning seems to work a little better, but my pins are so three-dimensional it is hards to get them to "pose" well on the flat glass of the scanner.  I wonder if anyone could share what they know about photographing bead work.  Maybe it is right in front of my nose, then please direct me!  Can you share what kind of camera you have and what settings you use?  Do you do a lot of edting?
Beth Handley


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

hi, beth. i know there are many people out there who do more professional techniques than i do, but i find i get fairly good results. what i do is take my photos outside when my patio is shaded. that way it's natural light but not direct sunlight. then in photoshop i do just a little editing...just a little bit on the brightness/contrast and i'm done with it. i usually put a piece of paper under my work. sometimes just white paper, sometimes a nice patterned piece of scrapbook paper for interest. either way, the indirect sunlight works best for me. and i use the macro setting on my camera to get nice close up shots. my camera is nothing fancy. i think it cost like $120 at walmart. it's just a sanyo, but it has the macro setting that i like and takes nice, clear shots. hope this helps.

Beth Handley said...

Thank you Lisa! I live in Alaska and in winter I wouldn't think to shoot outside, but it probably is great indirect light. I do not know if my camera has a macro lens or not (I'm clueless) but I"m willing to get a newer camera. Thank you for responding!


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Hoola Tallulah said...

I am by no means a pro photographer, but I have a digital SLR and can tell you it was an AWESOME investment. There are lots of pre configured settings so you can point and shoot and my macro lense is brilliant for close ups. I use picnik for editing, which is super handy and means I can shoot whatever the lighting conditions, then tweak in picnik later...

Beth Handley said...

Hello I had not checked in here for a while so I'm really excited to see the responses below. I SO appreciate the comments about my blog.

I have decided to do the Bead Journal Challenge for 2012! Hope others here will be doing the same.