Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bead journal project for November

Hi all
Hasn't this year gone fast!  It seems like I just signed up for the bead journal project!  I signed up with the intent to learn to bead the way you all do it.  I was so inspired by your lovely work in 2009!  Thanks for the inspiration ladies!  My bead journal pages are not encrusted with beads they way you all do it but I am okay with that.  I have signed up to participate again next year and maybe just maybe I will learn to bead the way you all do.  I'm not holding my breath though.  I'm not sure that I have the patience!
At any rate, I have finished my November bead journal and posted it on my blog.  As always, I would love some comments.
warm regards

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beadbabe49 said...

angela, your pieces have just the right amount of beading on them in my view...not everyone does wall to wall beads, although I know sometimes it seems like it, lol!
Glad you're signed up for next year...see you there!