Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can anyone help me?? Blog issue

Okay - i am trying to set up a blog (since it seems everyone else has been successful at it) and was trying to put the BJP logo ony my page, but SOMEHOW i made it DISSAPPEAR from all 3 BJP blogs - UGH!!! Any suggestions????


Carol said...

Right click on the logo
click on save as picture
(select a folder on your computer to store the picture)
Then go to your blog. If you are using blogger, select a place on your blog side bar that you want the logo to be. Select the widget that allows you to upload a picture. you will get a "brouse" opportunity wich allows you to find the pic on your computer

That should do it.

send me a em if you need help.

Carol said...

Sorry, I should have said go to your blog template where you are setting it up.

Jacquie said...

Make sure you SAVE it before you navigate away from the "add html" widget page too.